Truth Sells

February 03, 2021 Taylor Shanklin Season 3 Episode 23
Truth Sells
Show Notes

Russ Somers is the VP of Marketing at TrustRadius where he focuses on "bringing truth to market." 

Russ has a wealth of knowledge in advising startups, mentoring other marketers, and repairing vintage guitars. As Russ puts it, "I work to teach my two young children how to succeed. Generally speaking, I try to make a difference in the world."
In this episode of Soar, the launch of Season 3, Taylor sat down with Russ to talk about:

  • What it means to sell truth
  • Why transparency matters in business and in marketing 
  • The difference between sales and customers
  • Other fun banter as Taylor and Russ caught up and shared some stories

Learn more about Russ and get in touch with him on LinkedIn or learn more about TrustRadius on their website.