Redefining Career Moments and Evolution

October 13, 2020 Taylor Shanklin Season 2 Episode 19
Redefining Career Moments and Evolution
Show Notes

In this episode of Soar, Taylor sat down with career coach, Heather Burright.

After a long career in Human Resources and career placement, Heather found herself at a fork in the road due to Covid-19: Go find another job, or start her own business. She chose to start her own career coaching consultancy and she is well off and flying already! 

In this episode, Heather unpacks things like:

  • Skills + passion and how the two can work together
  • Recommendations for people re-entering the workplace after time off
  • How to facilitate successful meetings even in this virtual world
  • Tips for people considering a career change

Learn more about Heather and her coaching services on her website and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.